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Tarot readings


55-minute session

in-person & virtual available

Tarot is an immensely potent set of symbolic images for collaborative story-telling and introspection. The cards are a catalyst that spark a process of symbolic communication, a tool for listening to the inner voice of truth that answers deep, heart-felt questions.

 The magic and beauty happens in the meeting and co-creation of our minds.  When we look at an image together with a shared intention, we discover answers that are waiting within. Each reading is a participatory experience. My intention is to work with you to amplify the wisdom that you already carry.

Readings are great for:

  • Crossroads moments

  • Seeking guidance or direction from another level of your intelligence

  • Getting a wider picture of a present life situation

*Sliding scale rates are available. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out so we can discuss.

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tarot readings: Testimonials

Ambrose provides a deeply creative and unique perspective that is both provocative and encouraging. I have never experienced a reading like Ambrose's before, because of not only their fluid and introspective technique but how thoughtfully we were able to unravel my reading intentions together. Their commitment to my reading made me feel understood and heard, and it was such a refreshing and revelatory experience.

Morgan, New Orleans

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