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Breathwork (Conscious Circular Breath)


85 minute session

in-person & virtual available

Breathing is central to life. Inhalation powers our bodies, & the vast majority of metabolic waste is expelled through exhalation. Breath is a fundamental part of practically every physical discipline  and spiritual practice on earth. Breath is a bridge between states of consciousness. It is the doorway to your heart. Yet, most of us live our lives pretty unconscious of it, disconnected from what our breath offers.

Breathwork combines mindful breath-awareness with conscious breathing to relax & energize your body, release pent-up stress, & reconnect with your wholeness. Your breath guides you along the inner pulse of your life. It helps shake up stuck patterns from the body, making space for something new: gratitude, love, pleasure, a feeling of connection, energy and excitement.

A single session can be the gust of life you need to process a hard experience. A series of sessions supports you over time to process deeper issues from your history, re-learn more primal breathing patterns, & support you to make longer changes in your life.

Some common benefits are:

    •    Improve Overall Depth and Quality of your Breath
    •    Increased Capacity & Energy
    •    Release Attachment to a Past Situation
    •    Relax your Inner Critic
    •    Feel More Peace in your Being
    •    Integrate Transition & Change
    •    Increase Self-Confidence & Trust

    •    Feel your Essence

In addition to individual sessions, I also facilitate regular group sessions over Zoom and am available for small, private groups in person.

*Sliding scale rates are available. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out so we can discuss.

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