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a statement of principles

“Syzygy” as a word has several specialized meanings — many of them refer to a joining or alignment of polarized elements. Communion of complementary opposites leads to realization of something vital and whole. To me, this perfectly describes the generative, transformative power of relationship.

Relationship is fundamental to all aspects of our lives. We live through our relationships. We are our relationships. One of our most basic needs is connection, and that many of our problems in life stem from a lack of it.

Like many four-letter words, “need” is a radical fact: a basic aspect of life. We need, and there is nothing wrong with that. The dismissal of need goes hand in hand with the dis-embodying attitude of the latest dominant cultural paradigm. We are only as strong within ourselves as we are able to let ourselves go, consciously, to the unknown. To the extent we let go of control, we enter relationship and the beginnings of community.

All the work I do is founded on the principles of curiosity, compassion, and play. Following these basic principles, I emphasize consent, non-violence, non-judgment, and a spirit of experimentation. I see these principles as required to establish the kind of space where healing and growth can happen.

A magical space forms whenever two or more people come together to share in a single purpose. In this space, new possibilities of expression and creation emerge. You can reassess old, assumed identities; you can discover stories embedded in the oft-overlooked parts of your life, your body, your patterns; you can encounter your shadow through the vision and experience of the other; you can access parts of your experience hitherto unspoken and unseen.

The various exercises and techniques I practice — tarot, breathwork, core energetics — while powerful, are just tools for building bridges. They serve their purpose. But, without the intention to heal through relationship, their effectiveness would be very limited. Authentic relationship makes our lights and shadows visible. We need it to discover our edges.  We need relationship to really know ourselves. It is what truly brings about healing.

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