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ambrose gage

rebirthing breathwork and tarot practitioner


rebirthing breathwork

rebirthing breathwork uses a circular breathing technique to release tension and staleness from body and mind, creating space for new thoughts, actions, and possibilities in your life. breathing brings you into the body and into presence, restoring innocence, and increasing vitality by clearing the emotional past.

rebirthing puts energy toward whatever process you are engaged in. the ten-session rebirthing process is a supportive format for consistency leading to life-changing transformations. take a breath and see what is possible: book your first session with ambrose now!

tarot consulting

tarot is a book of signs whose instruction manual is our own lived experiences. 

the images speak to us through the medium of our body and give us access to inner knowing through the imaginative play of its images.

ambrose reads according to the discipline of the open reading. he treats the images on the cards as a flexible, dynamic visual language. his readings are imaginative and down-to-earth, grounded in human experience.


about ambrose

initially trained as a visual artist, my journey in breathwork began in 2014.

the freedom and self-expression i found in those first few weeks with my breath was like nothing i had ever experienced. i felt myself suddenly on a path to greater and greater aliveness, released from many of my past limitations. i found that i could love and respect myself innocently for the first time.

for the next two years i inhaled more and more trainings in california, virginia, and  philadelphia.

it is such a privilege to facilitate others in discovering the power of their breath, to witness the brightening and self-discovery that comes with breathing in life.

in addition to private rebirthing breathwork sessions, i also offer group breathing sessions and orientations to breathwork, tarot readings, seminars and workshops, as well as private lessons on reading tarot cards.